Austria to contribute €6mn to Auschwitz renovation

Austria is to give a six million-Euro subsidy towards the renovation of Auschwitz concentration camp memorial site in Poland, it was announced today (Tues).People’s Party (ÖVP) Finance Minister Josef Pröll said: “Our plan is to contribute around six million Euros. That’s the benchmark.”Pröll stressed this would be exactly a tenth of the amount of Germany’s subsidies for the planned renovation of the site which is visited by around 700,000 people every year. Germany has around ten times more citizens than Austria.The minister remained tight-lipped about which department the money would come from. “Details still need to be discussed,” he said.The Auschwitz camp was one of the Nazi’s main forced labour and death camps. Up to three million Jews, Roma, Nazi opponents and disabled people died at the site between 1940 and 1945.