French girl injured in sledging accident

An eight-year-old French girl injured her leg in a sledging accident at the Annaberg ski area in Lower Austria yesterday (Sun), police said.The girl was sledging down a run with two other French children when they missed a turn and crashed into a padded container next to a snow-making machine.The girl, who was sitting on the front of the sledge, was the only one injured. She was taken by rescue helicopter to St. Pölten provincial clinic for treatment.Last week, a German tourist lost part of his index finger in a freak sledging accident.Officials in Neustift in Tyrol’s Stubai Valley said the 54-year-old lost control of his sledge and was hurled into bushes next to the track before being dragged onto the piste again.He was hospitalised at Innsbruck’s University Clinic.The accident came just days after two girls aged 10 and 11 sledged into a moving car in Lohnsburg, Upper Austria.The friends were going down a hill between two houses on a car tyre inner tube and were unable to stop before careering onto a street at the bottom.An 18-year-old man who was driving by was unable to brake in time as the home-made sledge slammed into the front of his car.Rescuers took the girls to Ried hospital, but they were allowed to return home the same day.