Vienna Tourism optimistic before Easter Holidays

According to Vienna Tourism, the situation before Easter resembles the situation of last year. Apparently, the weather is crucial in determining short-term bookings. A record number of visitors in the last few months has left Vienna Tourism optimistic.

There has been a noticeable trend of short-term bookings in city tourism, which also concerns the Easter Holidays. Therefore, estimates on the bookings cannot be made yet.

A big factor for tourists will naturally be the weather; in particular due to the early date of Easter this year. Michaela Reiterer, Austrian Hotel Association, assumed that the decision “skiing or city visit” would be crucial for visitors.

As Easter will be early this year and the snow situation is perfect, it is possible that tourists will prefer winter tourism areas.

The holiday took place in April last year. This month was very satisfying for Vienna Tourism. A record number of 1.12 million overnight stays was achieved in April 2012.

As there were huge amounts of tourists registered in the months following April, this led to an annual record number of visitors.

For example, Vienna Tourism registered higher numbers of visitors from China or Brazil, along with the “classic” Vienna tourists from Italy, Germany and Russia. There are also more tourists from Great Britain.