Water-endorsing Austrians admit nuclear fears

A vast majority of Austrians are satisfied with the quality of tap water in the country.The Federal Gas and Water Association (ÖVGW) said today (Tues) its poll showed that 90 per cent are “very satisfied” or “satisfied.” Asked to rate the tap water – which has drinking water quality everywhere in the country – in a school grading system ranging from a top mark of 1 to 5 as worst, polled citizens gave it a 1.5 mark on average.The survey showed that a majority of 76 per cent were not concerned about a possible decrease of standards, while 88 per cent said the price for tap water was “appropriate” or “low.” However, the poll also found that very few people know how much they are charged for being provided with tap water.The recent nuclear disaster in Japan also had an impact on Austrians in this regard, the ÖVGW’s investigation shows. When asked what was troubling them considering the consumption of water in the future, more people than ever before named radioactive contamination as a threat.A poll conducted by packaging firm Tetra Pak in 2010 identified water as Austrians’ favourite drink. People living in the country guzzle 104 litres per capita a year, according to the company’s research. The study also showed that Austrians down an average 74 litres of carbonated lemonade and 56 litres of milk every year.