Many male internet fans shun books, study shows

More than three in 10 men say garnering information online is “more fun” than reading books.Linz-based pollster Market found that 35 per cent enjoy bringing themselves up-to-date on the internet more than reading a book. The agency said those men also said reading the news online was “more fun” than reading books. Only 23 per cent of Austrian women said the same, added Market,  who spoke to 400 Austrians aged 16 and older.The institute also found that 39 per cent of Austrian women read 10 or more fiction or non-fiction books every year, while only 28 per cent of men said the same about their reading habits.Almost six out of 10 (59 per cent) Austrian women who name reading as their hobby admitted they were interested in meeting the authors of their favourite books. With only 46 per cent of male book enthusiasts saying the same thing, significantly fewer men share this desire.These results come after several educational experts stressed that parents should encourage their children to read more. The appeal was made after teachers were criticised following Austrian students’ poor reading performance in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).Austria came only 31st among 34 participating countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) most recent worldwide evaluation of 15-year-old school pupils’ reading skills.The presentation of the results last month reignited a public debate about if and how the Austrian school system should be reformed.