Heather Mills optimistic after ski crash

Former model Heather Mills has been injured in a skiing accident in Austria, it has emerged.The winter sport enthusiast announced on her Twitter account that she sustained the injury to her right leg as she skied at around 100 kilometres per hour (kph) in the Austrian Alps.The 43-year-old said the accident occurred in a 24-hour charity race she participated in to get in shape for the 2014 Paralympics. The British animal rights campaigner revealed last year she planned to take part in the event set to take place in Sochi, Russia. Mills wrote on her blog on the social network website that she expected to be back on the slopes soon despite the recent crash.Mills wears a prosthesis after losing part of her left leg in a traffic accident in 1993. Austrian press claimed in 2010 she was spotted buying a specialised prosthesis at an orthopaedic store in Klagenfurt. The device reportedly makes skiing easier for the TV celebrity. Mills recently said taking part in the upcoming Paralympics would be a “dream come true” for her.The ex-model attended the 15th Night Race Skiing World Cup event in Schladming, Styria, earlier this week.Mills told Austrian dailies she first hit the slopes aged 21 in neighbouring Slovenia, adding that she spent many skiing holidays in Austria ever since. The Aldershot-born vegetarian also revealed she loved the wide range of salads and potato dishes on offer in the Austrian province of Styria as well as the region’s traditional pumpkin seed oil.Newspapers revealed that Mills made clear to reporters she would not react to any kind of questions regarding her ex-husband, rock legend Paul McCartney.Mills made headlines in August when she won the ladies competition of a local army shooting contest she spontaneously took part in. The Kleine Zeitung newspaper reported Mills turned up at the competition of the Austrian army’s East Tyrol division in Lavant – and came first in the ladies event, leaving dozens of female soldiers behind her.