Most pensioners shun Asian cuisine, says study

Fewer than one in 10 elderly Austrians go for Asian food, a survey has shown.The Agency for Health and Nutrition Issues (AGES) said today (Weds) only nine per cent of Austrians aged 60 and older enjoy eating Asian food more than other dishes. Hearty, traditional Austrian cuisine is preferred by the vast majority of 70 per cent, the agency said, adding that just eight per cent of 300 interviewed Austrians aged between 60 and 80 said they liked vegetarian dishes the most.Only last month, research group Makam said 25 per cent of the 500 Vienna residents aged 15 and older it surveyed planned to lose weight in 2011. Around 20 per cent told the agency they planned to do more sport this year.Around 57 per cent of men and 43 per cent of women living in Austria are overweight, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).