Most male singles seek relationships, survey shows

More than two thirds of single Austrian men would like to be in a relationship, a poll has shown.IFES said today (Weds) it interviewed more than 1,000 Austrian men and woman to find that 69 per cent of single men would prefer to have a partner. The agency added that only 60 per cent of single Austrian women said the same.The research firm announced that 24 per cent of all Austrian adults are singles. Thirty-six per cent of single men and women claim they prefer living on their own, as it allows them to “remain independent”, while 27 per cent claim that they have a “lack of time” to find a life partner.Federal capital Vienna was found having the highest share of singles among the country’s nine provinces with 33 per cent. Lower Austria comes second with 32 per cent, while Upper Austria has the lowest percentage of single men and women (11 per cent).German partner agency Parship’s Austrian website recently found in another survey that 20 per cent of male singles would accuse their future girlfriends of being unfaithful if they flirt with someone else. The study also showed that one in 10 single women think the same way.Parship Austria also found that, with 28 per cent, architects were the most favoured future partner of single women ahead of doctors (21 per cent) and teachers (18 per cent).