Quitting booze ‘best decision ever’, says Farrell

Hollywood star Colin Farrell has claimed he had no difficulties giving up drinking.The hot-tempered Irishman told Austrian Live magazine: “To stop boozing was the best decision I ever made in my whole life. I didn’t lose any friends by it because I haven’t got any difficulties watching my mates getting drunk when going out with them.”He added: “I now tend to leave at one instead of four in the morning – not that they would notice.”The “Phone Booth” star explained he also freed himself from a three packs a day smoking addiction.Speaking about his recently gained muscle mass, Farrell said: “I got this hairy Croatian boxing coach who tortures me everyday as I need to heavy muscled for a new movie. He kills me with his drill.”The 34-year-old actor, who stars as a fisherman in his new movie “Ondine”, admitted he knew little about fishing before shooting of the film started.”All I knew was that other people do that so I can eat fish. Then I spent two weeks on the sea with a fisherman whose boat we used to shoot the film. We cleaned it before the production started, but it looks like a floating rubbish bin nevertheless in the movie,” Farrell said.