Lohan payback sorted, Lugner claims

“Mean Girls” star Lindsay Lohan is to be forced to pay back a speculated 200,000 Euro fee she took for attending the Vienna Opera Ball with a veteran playboy and then failed to turn up.The 23-year-old actress was due to be guest of honour at the posh Viennese bash, but was so late for the flight from Los Angeles that she was not allowed to board without paying a 15,000 Euro surcharge.Furious “LiLo” flounced off the flight after host Richard Lugner refused to pay the extra charge.Now the 77-year-old entrepreneur has demanded the return of the appearance fee he paid her in advance.”Her management assured me I will receive the money I paid her in advance for her attendance in Vienna. We’ll get it all back, so that’s fine with me,”  he said today (Tues).Asked to comment reports paid around 200,000 Euros, the “Lugner City” boss said: “I don’t discuss figures, but it’s not 200,000.”Lugner has previously attended the bash with Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson and was accompanied last Thursday by infamously foul-mouthed German talent show juror Dieter Bohlen.