Hotel Gets A Penthouse Without The Building Stress

A hotel in the southern Austrian city of Graz has gone upmarket with a five-star penthouse suite by simply having it lifted by a crane onto the top floor.

The managers at the Hotel Daniel were looking to have more to offer big spending customers in addition to the traditional room with a balcony, and after exploring the options finally settled on having a cube room lifted onto the roof.

And then they put it on stilts to add to the feeling for anyone renting it that it is floating in the air, offering spectacular views of the city’s UNESCO heritage sights of Schlossberg and Schloss Eggenberg.

With glass walls on every side the “Loft Cube” offers visitors a 360 degree view across the city that is the hometown of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Styria, a province in south-eastern Austria. And of course it has blinds to ensure privacy at the right moments.

The cube is being rented out for 300 GBP a night to anyone looking to enjoy the high life in the city. The 44 square metre room weighing 12 tonnes was winched into place using a massive crane capable of lifting it over 20 metres to get it onto the top of the roof.

Created by the Berlin-based architect and designer Werner Aisslinger, it meant the hotel operators were able to continue offering a full service without any disruptive building work taking place.

Adding to the high life feeling is the fact that the room has a specially made XXL double bed, designer furniture and a shower in an area filled with plants to simulate a jungle feel.