Prostitution to be banned in Viennas Prater area

Street prostitution is to be banned in large areas of Vienna’s Prater district from September.

It is thought that as a result many of the prostitutes will move to the industrial zone in Liesing.

Residents in Liesing are worried that this will result in problems and conflicts in Liesing with the prostitutes already working there.

Local political Wolfgang Jung from the FPÖ said: “It is happening in cars and bushes near residential areas as well as in entrances and company car parks. Even in the cemetery  condoms and used tissues ave been found.”

Even thought the prostitution is in the so called industrial area it is spilling over into residential areas.

With the ban on prostitution in the Prater area the situation is set to get worse in Liesing.

Gerald Bischof from the SPÖ said: “I don’t think 300 new prostitutes will come, there simply inst enough space, but there will definitely be an increase.

Gerald Bischof hopes to get prostitution banned in Liesing. Over the past few months there has been 150 fines given out in the area – mainly due to prostitutes not having the correct identification and control cards on them.