Liquid ecstasy in water caused girl’s death

By Rob Hyde

A girl in Austria died after she drank mineral water which had been laced with liquid ecstasy, a court in Austria was told.

Having taken a deep swig from the bottle, the 27 year old girl suddenly felt sick then fell into a coma, before she died at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH).

At the autopsy coroner Daniele Risser said that a poison-induced breathing difficulties had prevented the flow of oxygen to her brain, causing her death.

Prosecutor Gerd Hermann accused the 36 year old driver of committing grievous bodily harm resulting in death.

On the easter weekend in question the 36 year old man had been out with a friend then met the girl and her friend in a bar at 4.30.

After three quarters of an hour the four of them decided to change bar. As the four set off in the man’s car, the two girls were offered the amphetamine drug, ‘Speed’ and all four of them took it together.

After having taken the drug, the 27 year old girl then asked for something to drink, and was given the 0.33 litre bottle of mineral water.

When she took a large gulp, she then said it “tasted funny”. The prosecution claims it was only then that she was informed that the bottle contained liquid ecstasy. It added that there had also been a carton of fruit juice nearby which he could have given the girl to drink instead.

The group tried to force the girl to be sick, in the hope that she would expel the drugs. The attempt failed, however, as she had already fallen unconscious.

By the time the men had taken her to her friend’s house, they realised she no longer had a pulse.

The 36 year old man already has a criminal background including seven convictions relating to drugs offences.