Male students get more cash from parents

By Rob Hyde

Male students in Austria are getting more financial support from their parents, a recent survey shows.

In a report from the non-profit research body, the Institute for Advanced Studies (HIS), women students receive on average 40-80 Euros less funding per month from their mothers and fathers.

The figures show that male students tend to work more in a full-time capacity, earning on average €816 per month. Women students, however, tend to work around 18,2 hours per week, and earn an average of €551.

Though these clear differences between the sexes remain within a university context, Karlheinz Töchterle, federal minister for science and research, said “Women are really catching up at the universities.”

Here he referred to the IHS report which shows how women now account for 54% of students overall and 74% of all teachers.

In engineering, however, only 29% of students are women.

Since 1963 the IHS has been providing research on a wide range of issues relating to economics, political science and sociology.