Mouth To Nose Resuscitation Trick Saves Dog

This dog’s owner nose a thing or two about first aid, at least when it came to saving the life of her beloved pet after he was taken out of her burning hose by fireman in Moedling in Lower-Austria.

Beautician Sabine Bauer, 24, said: “I was at a neighbour’s for five minutes, and when I got back there was smoke and flames everywhere. I knew Chico was inside but when I opened the door I was hit by a wall of heat and smoke, and he was nowhere in sight. The fire brigade were on the scene in minutes although it seemed like hours, and they rescued Chico, but he was not breathing.

“I’ve done as first aid course and knew it was important to start him breathing again, but how do you give first aid to a dog? But then I remembered reading something about holding the mouth closed and blowing the air through the nose. I did that, I guess it was pretty gross but I didn’t think about it at the time, and suddenly he coughed and then started breathing. It was a fantastic feeling and all the firemen cheered. We then put him on oxygen and he was on his feet enough to walk into a box to be taken to the vets.

She added: “He has lost a lot of weight, he had to take medicine and to go to check ups every other day but he’s fine now – it’s really fantastic news.”

The young woman’s house was gutted by the blaze started by an electrical fault, but she added: “I have Chico alive, that’s the main thing.”