Baumgartner achieves the unachievable yet again

The Austrian extreme sportsman Felix Baumgartner has lived in Arbon, Switzerland, for a year. Despite a long waiting list, he has already received a place to park his boat.

Nothing is impossible for Felix Baumgartner (43): he was the first human to break the sound barrier when he jumped from the stratosphere.

Rita Fischer of the harbor administration in Arbon said that Mr Baumgartner had no “celebrity bonus” in regards to receiving a place for his boat. Apparently, he was only lucky as his boat just fits in one of the free spaces. All other boats were either too big or too small.

Maybe this is a reason for Mr Baumgartner to appear again in his residence. The media spokesperson of Arbon complained in February that the sportsman is not reachable.

The municipality of Arbon wanted to contact Mr Baumgartner for months in order to organise a party in his honour but they have not received a response so far.