Austrian charged over death of Pole in Croatia

A man from Styria, South-Eastern Austria, caused a deadly car accident in Zagreb, Croatia, last weekend. The 31-year-old man crashed into the car in front so that the trailer became loose. A 50-year-old Polish man died and the Styrian was charged.

According to the Croatian police, the accident happened at the A1 traffic node Gospic in the direction of Zagreb. The Styrian did not keep enough distance to the car in front and crashed into the trailer, which became loose.

The trailer with four people inside somersaulted several times and stopped next to the roadway, lying on its roof. One of the passengers, a 50-year-old Polish man, skidded out of the car and died immediately.

The remaining three passengers, including the 30-year-old driver, were injured and taken to hospital. The Styrian was charged; him and his co-drivers remained unharmed.