Winter tyres are still obligatory

Winter tyres usually have to be fitted to your cars from October until Easter. The bad weather conditions require an extension of their use.

One should change the tyres, if the thermometer has displayed more than seven degrees Celsius regularly, said Rudolf Leeb, regional head of the driver’s club ÖAMTC in Burgenland (Eastern Austria).

The current temperatures are, however, far from this point. Drivers, who have already changed to summer tyres, should change back to winter tyres now. The winter tyres are not only appropriate for snow but also work better in lower temperatures, explained Gerhard Graner, ARBÖ.

Icy temperatures are particularly expected during the nights. Mr Graner recommended commuters to bear in mind that they have to travel an hour earlier, due to summer time.

A run on tyre retailers and driver’s clubs are expected around the time of 15 April. This year, drivers are obliged to fit winter tyres to their cars until this date.

Rudolf Leeb even said that there is the risk that insurance companies will not pay if an accident happens due to wintery driving conditions, say on 17 or 18 April.

Those who are now caught by the police with summer tyres risk a penalty of 35 to 5,000 Euros. Mr Leeb points out that the maximum penalty will be charged if other road users are put in danger.