Hotel cancellations after freedom party slogan

The slogan “love for the fatherland instead of Moroccan thieves” has got the FPÖ’s leading candidate in the Innsbruck municipal elections into financial trouble.

The Innsbruck hotel owner August Penz, who was also a prominent FPÖ candidate in the municipal elections in Innsbruck, suffered a financial set back after many of his hotel guests cancelled their bookings in response to his slogan.

“Love for the fatherland instead of Moroccan thieves” is the slogan that Penz later apologised for, but which he has still lost many bookings over it. The financial damage done, says Penz, is yet to be properly estimated.

The cancellations affected only the Penz family, and not the city of Innsbruck. Together with the staff, Hotel Penz said they were now working to regain their  customers.