School boy encouraged to jump over fire

 A boy has ended up in hospital after his teacher encouraged him to jump over a fire whilst on a school trip. What began as a light-hearted solstice celebration ended with the 15-year-old being severely injured.

The teacher from Rudolf-Steiner school in Vienna, Austria, reportedly encouraged Jakob to leap over a fire leaving him so badly burnt that he had to have both his feet operated on. Heute have reported that the boy was eventually taken to hospital not by the teacher but by a farmer.

After the mother made an official complaint the boy was supposedly asked to leave the school. “I received an email saying that Jakob should not appear in class due to his problematic behaviour,” said the boy’s mother.

According to a report in Heute, the mother is holding the school liable for pain and suffering and damages in excess of 24,000 Euros. When asked to comment this morning (Fri) the private school had “No comment”. The case is still pending.