Train assault under investigation

A train bound for Klagenfurt, Carinthia, was hit by eight bullets at the weekend.

A conductor informed the police after she noticed that six windows were broken when the EuroCity express train stopped in Salzburg on Saturday evening. The train started its journey in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The shooting incident most likely occurred near Chiemsee, a large freshwater lake in the German province of Bavaria, according to investigations. Police said yesterday an accident involving stray bullets fired by hunters was most likely but did not rule out an intentional assault.

The EuroCity incident occurred only one day after somebody threw stones at a coach going along a motorway near Traunstein, Bavaria. No one was injured. The offender is still being sought.

Meanwhile, police in Graz said a teenage girl tried to win her mum’s attention by stealing from warehouses. The 14-year-old drug addict was arrested on Friday. She admitted 21 thefts. The teen served a few months at a youth crime detention centre for theft earlier this year.

Viennese police said they arrested a man for pointing a gun at other guests of a pub in Wieden district after a doorman tried to throw him out due to an argument. The 25-year-old tried to physically attack the police officers when they arrived. His weapon turned out to be an unloaded gas revolver.

Officials in Vienna-Liesing are investigating after a man aged around 45 attacked two supermarket employees in a flopped attempt to rob the shop on Friday evening. The would-be robber escaped without any loot after the men managed to overpower him temporarily.

Gold and silver jewellery were stolen from a case in a family home’s living room in Mattersburg, Burgenland. Police said yesterday the robbers, who are on the run, found out that the owners had left the key on a windowsill.

Police in Voitsberg, Styria, said they were investigating an attack on a 64-year-old man. The local resident was beaten up and robbed on his way home on Friday night. The elderly man suffered serious injuries in the incident. The offenders made off with around 70 Euros in cash.

A spokesman for the police in the Tyrolean town of Längenfeld said unidentified criminals removed the bonnet, headlights and other parts from a parked Volkswagen (VW) Golf. The car owner is confronted with damages of 700 Euros, he added.