16-year-old groper’s heartbroken revenge

A 16-year-old groper from Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, sexually assaulted four women after his girlfriend left him.

For a month the “grope phantom” kept Wiener Neustadt apprehensive, now the teenager is facing two and a half years in prison. Investigator Michael Heyderer said: “The youth is facing sexual assault charges in two cases and sexual harassment charges in two other cases.”

The Kurier newspaper reported that his first assault was the worst. He had shoved a jogging woman to the ground from his motorbike and wantonly jumped and groped her.

After the attack he fled leaving the victim so traumatised that she is still receiving psychiatric treatment a month after the attack.

The 16-year-old’s motive seems to be that his girlfriend of the same age had left him and he wanted to take revenge on all women, hunting them with his motorbike and groping them when he caught them.

An off-duty cop arrested him after recognising his motorbike.