Hilton fraudster in court

A 43-year-old man is in court for defrauding media enterprises by promising them to get Paris Hilton to attend events.

Judges in Vienna heard yesterday (Tues) how the defendant received 80,000 Euros from an internet radio station after claiming he had the exclusive rights to organise the US American it-girl’s European activities. The broadcaster took him to court after the star did not show up – and her alleged agent refused to pay back the fee. Prosecutors got active after the resident of Vienna contacted other organisers, telling them as well that he could get the hotel chain heiress to appear at their events.

The defendant claimed in court he managed to lower Hilton’s charge by 30,000 Euros to 150,000 Euros in one flopped agreement with an event-organising company “because I had to do something about her reputation” after she was caught drink-driving. The trial continues.

Hilton has visited Austria several times for various companies’ marketing campaigns over the years. The model, singer and actress also appeared at the Vienna State Opera Ball alongside Richard Lugner in 2007. The entrepreneur, who runs the Lugner City shopping mall in Vienna-Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, previously turned up at the bash with singer Grace Jones and actress Pamela Anderson.