Clinic doc ‘teamed up with exorcist’

A public hospital’s doctor and psychologist are under scrutiny for allegedly cooperating with an exorcist.

Viennese media claimed yesterday (Weds) that the SMZ Ost Clinic staff held workshops with an exorcist in the services of the Diocese of Vienna. The man and the medics allegedly spoke about previous success stories of their partnership at public events.

SMZ Ost chiefs announced today that the men in question were made aware of their duties and responsibilities. Officials representing the city-funded clinic in Vienna-Donaustadt pointed out that the employees would be sacked in case of a breach of work contracts.

Exorcism has been increasingly carried out by clerics in Austria, according to reports. A spokesman for the Viennese Diocese described the controversial practice as a “prayer of relief,” adding that it “can never replace medical treatment and must not be applied in hospitals.”