Austrian soldier suspected of sex attacks in Kosovo

An Austrian militiaman participating in an international peacekeeping operation has been accused of rape, it emerged today (Fri).The Austrian army announced it decided to suspend the suspect and report him to prosecutors in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, after three women said he tried to rape them.The women, who came forward last week, were working in an office headed by the 37-year-old from Carinthia in Kosovo. All three possible victims of the offender were Kosovars, according to the Austrian military.The army said the enforced sexual acts took place in 2009 and 2010, according to the women. The accused Austrian’s term as administration tasks manager would have ended this summer, they added.The Austrian military has been participating in peacekeeping operations of the United Nations (UN) in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Golan Heights for years.News that a member of the Austrian army’s militia branch is accused of molesting women in Kosovo comes half a year after the suspension of an Austrian soldier from the UN mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina for giving the Hitler Salute at a birthday party.The 20-year-old man – who was found having tattoos indicating a fascist mindset – faces criminal charges over the incident.