Poison-pen teen sentenced

A teenage convict had his jail term extended for writing threatening letters to the president.Michael D., who currently serves time behind bars in Gerasdorf near Vienna for various youth crimes, wrote to Federal President Heinz Fischer some months ago he “would love to torture you if there is enough time.”The 17-year-old warned the former Social Democratic (SPÖ) science minister he planned to kill him “with a targeted stab in the neck.”Prosecutors informed judges at a court in Wiener Neustadt on Monday that the teenager signed the notes with his real name. He was sentenced to a further three years in prison.Meanwhile, a man from Lower Austria has been given a suspended one-year jail term for informing the federal interior ministry via letter that his pickaxe “is already sharpened.”Traisen resident Franz Z. told judges in St. Pölten writing the letter to the ministry – in which he hinted plans to erase his family – was “nonsense.”The defendant, 42, said: “I had a complete blackout. I was desperate. I don’t even own an axe.”