Fake doc in court next week

A German who faces five years behind bars for letting a woman die when he posed as a doctor will stand trial next week, it was announced today (Fri).Prosecutors will press negligent bodily harm charges against the professional actor who faked documents to be assigned as an emergency medic by institutions in Vienna and Lower Austria last August in a trial set to start at Vienna’s Criminal Court on Monday.Nils G., 38, also faces legal consequences for quackery and fraud.State prosecutors argue that the life of a 68-year-old woman could have been saved had the man carried out basic medical actions while she was taken to a clinic by an ambulance he was on duty with.Another woman – a traffic accident victim – has been in an artificial coma ever since the conman asked a paramedic to take over when she passed out.The defendant starred in a string of popular TV series and films, according to reports.