Vienna man hospitalised after attempt to end dogfight

A 46-year-old man suffered serious injuries when he tried to separate fighting dogs in Vienna yesterday afternoon (Sun).The resident of the city was going for a walk with two friends and their dogs, an American Stafford Terrier and a Bullmastiff, at the Prater park. The canines’ playing around soon turned into an aggressive fight. Both of the man’s hands and arms were seriously injured by the animals when he tried to end their brawl. He was transported to the SMZ Ost Clinic in Donaustadt district.It is the latest in a series of occurrences involving canines considered as dangerous by some. Many dog owners and experts have said there would be significantly fewer incidents if people would stick to the ‘muzzle or lead’ laws. Political decision-makers have meanwhile come under fire in this regard as all of Austria’s nine provinces have different regulations and restrictions.