Austrian suspected of murder in Brazil

An Austrian businessman may face a lawsuit for homicide in Brazil, it has emerged.Police in the north-eastern city of Recife announced today (Weds) that Alfred Hartner and a German man were accused of killing a Brazilian engineer. The body of Alisson Pereira, 37, was found at the Bamboo Bar – which is owned by Hartner and managed by the suspected German.Federal police have been observing the bar for six years over claims that it is the centre of a prospering sex tourism ring in the seaside city.Prostitution is not illegal in Brazil, but people can be detained for prostituting themselves in public.Hartner’s Bamboo Bar reportedly offers customers to take prostitutes to rooms upstairs. The night club – which features a large swimming pool – also arranges trips on pompous yachts for its clients, according to local media.Police have now upped the intensity of investigations after finding a 17-year-old girl with forged ID at the bar.Sex tourism and underaged prostitution are key felonies combated by authorities in the South American country alongside corruption and drug smuggling.The Bamboo Bar – which also rents out rooms – is recommending its website to “open-minded people and singles who want to enjoy the typical Brazilian nightlife and various other offers of this city which never sleeps.”