DVD player causes hotel blaze

An overheated DVD player caught fire in a hotel room last night (Sun).The manager of the resort in Kirchberg near Kitzbühel in Tyrol suffered minor injuries when he threw burning mattresses from the balcony. A neighbour had informed him about the smoke coming out of a window.Fire-fighters found out that an overheated DVD player started the blaze in the room inhabited by a 19-year-old woman from the Netherlands. The holidaymaker apparently forgot to turn off the device when she switched off the TV, local police said, adding that the fire did not affect any other areas of the hotel apart from the room in which it broke out.It has not been announced whether the woman, who was out when the fire started, will have to come up for the damages caused by the blaze. There has not yet been any information on whether fire experts found out if the DVD player was defect or just overheated from permanent usage.Meanwhile, firemen were called out to extinguish a blaze in a holiday apartment in Trausdorf, Burgenland. No one was injured in the fire which was discovered this morning.