Murder suspect dies in river

The body of a Bosnian man suspected of clubbing his wife to death with an iron pole five days ago has been found.Miladin G.’s corpse was discovered behind the wheel of his Audi Q5 yesterday (Thurs). The car was salvaged from the Salzach River just a few hundred metres from the family home in Pabing-Nußdorf where the 49-year-old man’s wife was murdered last week. The couple have two sons aged 16 and 19.Police said today that the construction worker – described as “hot-tempered” by neighbours – apparently committed suicide by steering the sports car into the river with all windows and doors shut.His dead wife was found lying in a pool of blood in the bedroom of the family’s house last Saturday. She was most likely killed with a 50-centimetre iron bar. The heavy object was found on the floor in another room.Investigators said the murder’s motives were unclear. They added that an argument about money matters may have preceded the crime since bank notes worth 20,000 Euros were scattered all over the floor where the female corpse was discovered.