Duo checking leaky roof injured in three-metre plunge

Two people were hospitalised after falling from a roof this morning (Fri).Police in St. Georgen near Vöcklabruck in Upper Austria said a 32-year-old woman and a 47-year-old male acquaintance had climbed up on the roof to examine a leaky spot.The woman was dragged down by the man after he lost his balance and slid down the tiled roof. Both suffered multiple injuries in the three-metre plunge. They were hospitalised in a clinic in Salzburg.Earlier this month, a 21-year-old man sustained several broken bones when he fell out of a second-floor window in the middle of the night.Roland P. opened the balcony door in the family home in Zwettl, Lower Austria, before falling over the handrail. The young man – who had never sleepwalked before – told doctors he could not remember a thing.