Drunken teens caught breaking into sports shop

Four Upper Austrian teenagers are facing youth crime charges for stealing dozens of bottles of schnapps and sweets from a snack bar in Linz last night (Weds/Thurs).The gang of four aged between 15 and 17 were caught trying to break into a sports equipment shop in the city after the store’s alarm went off. They confessed having stolen around 50 small bottles of high-percentage alcoholic drinks and various sweets from a closed kebab stand before their attempt to rob the sports shop failed.Police said today that breathalyser checks on the two girls and two boys exposed them as being seriously drunk after downing most of the nicked spirits.The teens, who were not put in custody following their arrest, are now facing charges for theft and damage of private property and claims for financial compensation from the owner of the snack stand and the shop’s retailer.