Robber takes victim on a ride

Police are hunting a robber who took his victim on a 20-minute train journey before forcing him to deposit money.The criminal approached the 26-year-old on a train at Handelskai station. He asked the man to hand over his wristwatch and cash but refused to let him go. The robber instead told the man to get out at Wien-Mitte with him to get more money from his bank account at a cash machine. The young criminal only then let go of his victim.Police said today (Weds) none of the other passengers witnessing the occurrence dared to interfere. Officials also said it was unclear whether the man – who claimed to have a gun under his jacket – was actually armed. Investigators said his victim was too intimated to object any of the given orders.Police in Vienna announced that the incident dates back to 25 January but refused to explain why they made it public only today. Authorities released CCTV footage and have ask people who recognise the attacker to get in touch.