Robbers hijack police car

Three criminals were caught after robbing a jewellers and hijacking a police car in Tyrol yesterday (Weds).The Serbian gang aged between 21 and 29 threatened staff at a posh jeweller’s shop in Innsbruck with guns before smashing several showcases with hammers and an axe around midday. The trio escaped with several precious watches and various trinkets.One of them drove away in a stolen Audi. He was arrested after his drive away from the city was hindered by a traffic jam around a roadwork site.His accomplices changed their clothes as they left the jeweller’s shop and got on a tram. They knocked down a policeman who wanted to check their IDs after being informed about the robbery via radio. The police officer sustained bruises and concussion in the encounter. He is recovering in a hospital in Innsbruck.The duo were caught in woodlands near the town of Aldrans just outside Innsbruck after officers discovered the car in a supermarket car park.