Speeder caught three times in one day

A German man lost his licence after he was caught speeding by a radar trap three times on the same day.Traffic police followed and stopped the 28-year-old tourist after the third offence in the town centre of Innsbruck, Tyrol, yesterday (Sun). Officials said today the man was going at 120 kilometres per hour (kph) in the 50 kph zone.He had to hand over his driving licence and pay an undisclosed fine on the spot, but also faces further traffic charges.Only some weeks ago, traffic police in the province of Salzburg admitted that a speed camera flashed every passing driver regardless of the speed they were going at for several hours due to a technical error.Motorway maintenance workers eventually switched the radar trap situated on the A10 Tauern motorway off as all technicians at the company which produced and maintains the device were on holidays.Police did not say whether they will be able to identify speeders among all motorists caught on camera in the four-hour period.