Burglar nods off in coffin

An amateurish burglar was arrested after downing a bottle of wine and falling asleep in a coffin.The man, whose identity was withheld by police in Vienna, broke into an undertakers in Penzing district on Tuesday night. Undertaker Heinrich Altbart discovered the man fast asleep in one of the coffins the next morning. The 25-year-old intruder reportedly nodded off after having emptied a bottle of red wine he discovered in a wardrobe.Altbart, who took a picture of the napping would-be robber, said today (Thurs) the man caused “substantial damage” by smashing the front door of his office.The news come shortly after a burglar was locked in a bedroom by a courageous pensioner.Maria A., who lives on her own, was waiting for the meals on wheels service to arrive when she heard sounds coming from upstairs in her house in Kalsdorf in Styria.”I first thought the noises were coming from the local supermarket, but I decided to have a look upstairs when they didn’t stop,” the 81-year-old woman said.She eventually locked her bedroom and called the police. Officers discovered a Bosnian woman crouching in the room’s wardrobe. The 40-year-old had put around 50 silver coins and a watch she had stolen from the pensioner’s house in a pillow.