Waitress fined for juice / detergent mix-up

A 56-year-old waitress who served dish detergent to a child who had ordered apple juice has been fined.The woman, who works at an eatery in the Tyrolean town of Axams, pleaded guilty in an Innsbruck court yesterday (Tue). But in her defence she pointed out that the September day on which the tragic mix-up occurred was “very busy”.”Two football teams booked tables and then the dishwasher stopped working,” the defendant told judges.The Tyrolean was ordered to pay a fine of 720 Euros. She accepted the verdict which is not yet legally binding as prosecutor Tobias Schallhart is still to give his final statement.Two-year-old Julian from Axams was discharged from hospital only two weeks ago. He has still difficulties with swallowing, his parents Ines Kirchebner and Martin Unterluggauer said in court.In another incident, two teens had to be hospitalised for several days after downing detergent at a music event in Markt Allhau, Burgenland, last June.The 17-year-old girls were served the liquid by a man behind the bar at a local festival.