Fugitive caught 18 years on

A Turk who escaped from an Austrian jail more than 15 years ago has been arrested after he tried to settle down in Vienna.The man managed to break out of a prison in Hirtenberg, Lower Austria, in 1993 when being ordered to mow the lawn in a low security zone.The 47-year-old was caught in Vienna yesterday (Tues). The man, who told police he had spent most of the time since the successful prison break in Romania and his home country, has been transferred to the jail in Hirtenberg where he will serve the remaining three years he was given for selling drugs in the 1990s.The convict reportedly hoped Austrian officials would have already closed his case when he applied for permit of residence in Vienna for himself and his wife.The news come on the heels of a 24-year-old man’s flopped breakout bid.The man was arrested after being spotted waiting for a bus five hours after he managed to break away from a group of prisoners who were working outside a jail in Asten, Upper Austria.Officials did not say why the man, who now faces an extension of his spell behind bars, was serving time.