Forestry worker may have nicked 200 chainsaws and tools

An Upper Austrian has been accused of having stolen dozens of chainsaws and other objects during the past few months.The 34-year-old forestry worker from Kirchdorf could be behind more than 50 reported thefts of around 200 electric appliances, used chainsaws and various tools in the area, police announced today (Mon).The man allegedly cooperated with a 42-year-old Bosnian man in turning the objects – snatched from garages and company estates – into money. The main suspect was put in custody as investigations continue.Police registered 398,415 reported crimes across Austria in the first nine months of this year. Officers in Upper Austria (49.7 per cent) have the third-best success rate in solving felonies among the country’s nine provinces behind Vorarlberg (56.9 per cent) and Burgenland (51.3 per cent).