Prom treasurer squanders €3,500

A young Styrian faces embezzlement charges for spending thousands of Euros of his schoolmates’ savings for their upcoming graduation ball.Colleagues reported the 18-year-old to police after finding out that he spent around 3,500 Euros of money collected by them to finance their upcoming prom (Maturaball).Police in Liezen said today (Weds) 87 students in their final secondary school year suffered financial damage by the treasurer’s malpractices. The suspect has not been put in custody as prosecutors prepare to press charges against him.Only last month, police in the province said a parcel delivery man accused paramedics of stealing from him after losing more than 1,000 Euros of customers’ money in the casino.The 21-year-old deliberately steered his car into a lamppost before claiming that two paramedics took money out of his car while their colleagues looked after him. He eventually admitted the truth after being caught out giving contradictory statements.