Vienna migrant family will not become homeless

The six-person Vienna migrant family facing eviction from their apartment because of the behaviour of an autistic 16-year-old boy will not be left homeless, according to city government officials.A court has ordered the Turkish family’s eviction by the middle of November after neighbours’ complaints about the boy’s loud and aggressive behaviour.Social workers visited the family today (Fri), and Social Democratic (SPÖ) housing councillor Michael Ludwig said the results of the visit would be discussed this afternoon at a meeting of the Vienna Social Fund (FSW).A FSW spokeswoman said: “We are working feverishly to find a solution.” Ludwig added that the question of adequate care for the boy had to take priority in decisions on a solution and noted that FSW and the city youth office would be involved in answering it.Officials at city hall said they hoped a solution would be found next week that would keep the family together.They stressed that the family would not be allowed to become homeless but might have to reside in new, interim quarters for a time.