Doctors remove wrong kidney

Surgeons removed a cancer sufferer’s healthy kidney, it has emerged.Klinikum Klagenfurt officials admitted today (Thurs) that doctors removed the wrong organ when they were meant to take out the affected kidney in surgery earlier this week.Authorities claimed the mix-up did not occur due to overburdened staff doing too much overtime. They added a pathologist informed his colleagues about the mistake after examining the removed organ.Hospital officials refused to give out precise information on the 59-year-old patient’s health.Prosecutors are expected to investigate the occurrences – which come less than half a year after bungling surgeons amputated a woman’s healthy leg.Doctors at a clinic in St. Johann, Tyrol, took off the 90-year-old’s healthy limb instead of removing the other one, which was affected by a severe vascular dysfunction.Clinic bosses tried to cover up the incident and when it became public they hid behind their Hippocratic Oath claiming medical confidentiality, according to the Kleine Zeitung newspaper.The medics, who have been suspended in the meantime, face years in jail in an upcoming trial.