Lorry damages petrol pump

A truck driver has caused more than 30,000 Euros of damage by crashing into a petrol pump, police in Salzburg, have said.The Turk steered his semi-articulated lorry against the pump at a petrol station near the town of Wals on Wednesday, police said today (Fri).Staff managed to prevent the spilled petrol from affecting the groundwater, officials said, adding that the 45-year-oldÂ’s employer was ordered to pay for the damages the man had caused.Local authorities said no one was injured. They also said the long-distance lorry driver was not drunk.Only last month, a truck driver from the Austrian province of Vorarlberg ploughed into a gasoline pump at a petrol station in Wilhering in Upper Austria.The 27-year-old continued driving after the incident. When he was stopped by police a few kilometres from where the incident occurred, he claimed not to have noticed anything.