Carinthia seizes 350 kilos of mushrooms

Mountain authorities in Carinthia confiscated more than 300 kilograms of illegally collected mushrooms this summer, it has emerged.The local Alpine administration body said today (Fri) officials seized 350 kilograms of mushrooms from people who breached regulations.Provincial rules have it that people must not pick more than two kilos of mushrooms a day per capita during the picking season which started in June and ends today.People who breach the rules – similar to regulations in the province of Salzburg – face fines of up to 7,260 Euros.Carinthian mountain authority staff are allowed to check people’s luggage and car boots if they suspect a case of excessive mushroom picking. The officials are also eligible to preliminarily detain offenders if they refuse to pay or identify themselves.The body’s report reviewing this year’s season, which was presented today, also showed that 96 per cent of people ignoring the rules were Italians.Officials in Embach, Salzburg, decided last month to provide two local retirement homes with 30 kilos of mushrooms after confiscating them from a group of 15 Italians hikers.