One in four students may be alcoholics, doctors warn

Around 25 per cent of university and college students could be alcoholics, according to a new study.Research by the Jungarbeiter-Bewegung, an youth organisation, shows that 90 per cent of college and university students drink alcohol. Doctors said today (Thurs) that detailed findings of the survey suggest that around one in four students are alcoholics.When asked about their reasons for boozing, 48.5 per cent said because alcohol “tastes good”, and almost one in three admitted feeling better after having a drink.The body – which polled thousands of students across the country – also found 35 per cent have tried cannabis at some stage, although just 2.3 per cent smoke marijuana on a regular basis. Fewer than one in 100 students admitted being addicted to cocaine, ecstasy and similar substances.These findings come shortly after a study by the European Commission (EC) revealed that 15 per cent of Austrians drink alcohol four to five times a week. This is a higher percentage than in any other EU member state.Bulgaria came second with 14 per cent, followed by Italy and Romania with 13 per cent each. Estonia and Latvia have the smallest percentage of residents drinking four to five times a week with three per cent each, according to the study.Other international studies presented this and last year revealed Austria has the most teenage smokers and ranks high when it comes to young people who have taken part in binge-drinking sessions.More than four in 10 women and 27 per cent of men living in Austria describe themselves as regular smokers. Studies suggest Austrians light up an average 18 cigarettes a day, while the EU average is 14. Austrian custom authorities confiscated 46.4 million illegal cigarettes last year.