Praline not poisoned, threatened mayor is told

A praline placed at the front door of a mayor’s house was not poisoned, examinations have shown.People’s Party (ÖVP) Rüstorf Mayor Pauline Sterrer informed police after discovering the chocolate delicacy earlier this month. Sterrer started getting threatening letters around two years ago, and the discovery of the praline triggered memories of the fate of a colleague in Lower Austria.Hannes Hirtzberger, the then mayor of Spitz suffered irreversible brain damage after eating a strychnine-laced Mon Chéri placed on the windscreen window of his car two and a half years ago.Heuriger (wine tavern) manager Helmut Osberger was sentenced to life behind bars following the incident. He was reportedly at war with Hirtzberger over a rejected building permission.Sterrer, whose e-mail account was hacked into several times, stressed she was not intimidated by the occurrences.She informed local investigators of having received threats like “In drei Tagen bist du tot.” (You’ll be dead in three days.), the name of a teen horror movie shot in the area.