Virus claims more than 100 bunnies

Dozens of rabbits have died within weeks in a Lower Austrian town, it has emerged.Holger Herbrüggen, a vet responsible for the province’s Wien-Umgebung district, announced today (Tues) that more than 100 could have passed away in Klosterneuburg during the past few weeks as the town is struck by myxomatosis.The expert stressed it was impossible to give a precise death toll since fatalities of pet rabbits do not have to be reported by their owners.Herbrüggen, who appealed to rabbit owners to have the animals vaccinated, added residents of the nearby town of Fischamend had also reported cases of dead rabbits.The vet explained mosquitoes spread the agent of the fatal virus.The area around Klosterneuburg, which is located just north of Vienna, and other regions in the country were hit by what some media labelled a “mosquito plague” this summer.