Teen caught speeding in unregistered wreck

A teen joyrider faces charges for driving an unregistered car on a motorway in Vorarlberg.The 16-year-old boy from Wolfurt was stopped by traffic policemen on the A14 Rhine Valley Motorway last night (Weds/Thurs) after he ignored the 130 kilometre per hour (kph) speed limit.Officers found that the licence plate of the vehicle, considered as being in a too bad state to drive, had been stolen.The teenager, who did not own a driving licence, and a 20-year-old pal, face various traffic offence charges.This incident comes on the heels of a Vorarlberg-based lorry driver crashing his truck into a petrol pump at a station near Linz, Upper Austria. The 27-year-old was arrested a few kilometres from where the incident happened after he sped off.