Brit faces armed robbers in Linz

A British man has described the terrifying moment when an armed robber pointed a gun at him after he went into a high street bank in the centre of Linz yesterday (Tuesday).Simon Byrne, 24, from Liverpool, said: “I had only just walked into the bank in the middle of the day. I wanted to open an account. I’d only been there a few seconds when I realised there was a commotion behind me and I turned round to see a man brandishing a pistol.”Despite the gun for a fleeting moment I thought it can’t be real – but then when he pointed the gun at my friend and started shouting something which I couldn’t understand we moved pretty quickly. It was obvious that he wanted us just to go to the corner of the room and keep quiet while the robbery was carried out.”The two armed robbers had stormed a branch of the Raiffeisen bank in the centre of Linz at around 14:45.The same branch had been a target for armed robbers on Monday 13th September and police are not ruling out that it might be the same robbers.The two men are described as being between 35 and 40 years old and around 180cm tall. Both were wearing jeans and sun-glasses, one a dark blue and white jacket and blue cap and the other a red jacket and red cap.Police did not reveal how much money the two men were able to escape with.Anyone with information should contact the Landeskriminalamt Oberösterreich on 059133/45 33 33